Background of M-Learning(Mobile Learning)

Published: 06th June 2012
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What is Mobile Learning?

A skill of learning which opted using mobile or any other handheld device is called mobile learning. Mobile learning is shortly briefed as MLearning. A Learning technique which decrease the limitation of learning location and time with the mobility of general portable device.

A convenient method to enhance a new way of learning experience from mobile where you can get different sources to learn. Mobile learning is a combination of distance learning and e-learning.

Framework of Mobile Learning System:

Mobile learningsystem is developed mainly using three major domains they are as follow:
1. Device Usability: It refers to the mobile usability and how we validate the services in the mobile for mobile learning. This also includes the type of mobile device, features of mobile and the mobile content design.
2. Network Infrastructure: It refers to wireless network infrastructure, capabilities and the cost required for the services.
3. E-Learning System: The needs of virtual learning and e-learning components and system used in mobile for the development process to learn.

Objectives of Mobile Learning:

Mobile learning as been great advantage and helped people to be independent in their own way of learning and some of objectives are:
1. Supports interactive learning.
2. Independent Learning.
3. Improves Communication.
4. Helps to raise Self Confidence.
5. Enable Global Collaboration and access to information.
6. Enhance Knowledge.

History of Mobile Learning:

o In 1968, Alan Kay and his colleagues in the learning research group developed the Dynabook, a book-sized computer for education.
o In 1975, IBM 5000 became the first available portable computer laying the groundwork for mobile education.
o In 1996, Palm releases PalmOS which gives access to learning and organization software on handset devices.
o In 2001, The European Commission funds launch the Mobile Learn Project to explore mobile education.

Features of Mobile Learning:

1. Portability.
2. Flexibility (It is convenient to access any where, any time).
3. Engaging and fun.
4. Light weight when compared to books, PCs, etc.
5. Wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infra port).
6. Enables the access the resources in different formats (Video, Text, and Voice).
7. Collaborative
8. Enable learners to construct understanding.
9. Low Cost.

Advantages of Mobile Learning:

1. Interaction: Students can interact with each other and instructor easily.
2. Increases motivation: Helps the reader to read more.
3. Internet access anywhere so reader can read any time.
4. Just-In-time learning: Increases work/learning performance.
5. Learners can individually control their speed of reading.
6. Possible to share assignments and notes through e-mails, Bluetooth, etc.
7. Improves reading and Communication skill.
8. Engaging learners: New mode learning engages many to read through mobile, PDAs, etc.
9. Autonomy: It provides students more independent and flexible in distance education.

Technology Support for Mobile Learning:

1. SMS (Short Message Service).
2. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).
3. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) allow the user to access internet via their WAP enabled in mobile phones.
4. Bluetooth: A short range wireless connection, this enables PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) to pass messages to & from other mobile devices.
5. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) evolved to mini PCs able to carry out many of the basic functions of a larger PCs using Palm OS and MS Pocket PC operating system.
6. MP3s: Audio file format that compresses the file and enables to share.
7. Cams: Video cameras mow embedded into mobile phone and PDAs.
8. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) an internet connection for mobile device that provide greater speed of connection.

Major Technologies Used in Mobile Learning:

1. Mobile Phones/Smart Phones.
2. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).
3. Laptops/Tablet PCs.
4. MP3 Player.
5. Ipod.


Mobile learning is nothing but utilizing mobile devices in education is considered as major tool. These days mobile phone is been used by all so its easy for the readers to read any where. Multimedia facilities help the user to share data and intractable while reading.
The latest generation of learning is Mobile Learning than distance learning and E-learning.

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